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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Services

The structural engineering division of Amara Associates, led by David L. Amara, P.E., provides innovative, practical, economical structural engineering solutions for a wide range of project types, including large commercial, retail, industrial, manufacturing, educational, mixed use, single-family, and ancillary structures . 

Our structural engineering expertise assures total building integrity. Among other specifics, we design footing/foundation systems, complete building framing systems, concrete/steel composite floors/roof decking systems, precast concrete wall and floor systems, poured-in-place concrete slabs, load bearing wall systems, lateral forces design, steel moment frame design, steel, and wood trusses, traditional or engineered lumber systems, and seismic bracing of electrical, mechanical and fire protection systems. We also provide design and structural-connection solutions for miscellaneous steel and ornamental steel elements, specializing in the connections to steel, concrete, and wood.  We are dedicated partners to our own in-house architecture department as well as to other outside architects, private owners, developers, public entities, and contractors.  We develop our structural designs by using the latest, most innovative Building Information Modeling (BIM) software – which allows us produce structural systems design in a digital 3D modeling format.  In coordination with other consultants, we can analyze and detect any coordination issues or conflicts between integrated systems.

Representative Structural Engineering Projects

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